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Sorry for the :birdsite: cross post but I figured you'd like seeing a kangaroo being an asshole

Dang flu getting wore before it gets better. Who said it could do that?

The one thing I miss about living with my parents is that they had a lot of channels and sometimes you just need shitty lower effort TV while you're tired.

People sure have way more opinions about trans people than information about them.

I know I said I was gonna work on polls but I've been feeling like crap

Why are so many people selling body wash on offer up? Is this a money laundering thing?

I had, by the way, looked for some software to make clothing patterns but like I couldn't find anything that wasn't for pros.

if i'm still sick tomorrow I will bring polls over to for folks

aaa this hollow knight figure is so cute I can't wait until it's all printed and I can finish it with some primer and paint

I had to get up because laying down too long makes my back hurt.

Actually between the idea of 3d printing soles and cnc cutting fabric it's not... Out of the question. Maybe we just need available software.

When will I be able to print some cute boots

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