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Domain blocks 

I got my royalty check for selling virtual goods on Everquest 2 for 2018 and its like $13 which like lol but then again I didn't do anything and I made this stuff like 5 years ago.



I think it's time I start doing some actual development work on this computer thing.

you know you’re pretty low in the polycule tier list when they make you use the madcatz vibrator


ooooohhhhhh "69" love songs, like the sex number. I get it.

I think they don't make the MGK1-K which was my favorite because it wasn't too expensive and it was mechanical but also quieter than others.

So I have an azio keyboard and when I looked at their site I saw this. I need this shit to play sunless skies

OBVIOUSLY if sonic was real he would have a dick.
OBVIOUSLY if sonic had a dick and no way to contain it, it would flop around uncontrollably when he moved
OBVIOUSLY if he moved as fast as he usually does, his dick and balls would be slapping around and bruising themselves as well as the entire area surrounding them

so I was looking to see if I had any pictures of my home computer and I don't but I did find this.

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