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Nothing like getting pity Sportsmanship commendations.

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my gay future wife and your admin drew a cute.

Preordered Riko and Reg now that my Nanachi nendo is shipping. Then I'll send them all on a terrifying journey. Domain Blocks 

These dipshits need to remember not to discuss their brain genius plans in public.

Hangzhou Spark has the best team colors. Why are the LA teams so grody?

I'm not a symmetra main but /r/symmetramains is just shitposting compared to the others I've seen.

"Oh, hey, we got two brigittes in random heroes, maybe this round will go better." [they proceed to split up and die immediately]
Yeah, that's about what I expected.

Trying a raft too just to help with adhesion on the smaller pieces and to help with the kind of gross first layer

And gonna try again to print my buckling spring prototype

I still feel like crap but I'm testing using watered down mod podge on my glass bed... Hair spray works but it's... Gummy.

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speaking of, remember when I made a tweet about my game TUOV being canceled to protest palmer luckey and like, a bunch of tech blogs picked it up

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