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"Getting rid of regulations will lead to more competition and better standards for all!"
[gets rid of regulations and everything becomes a monopolistic hellscape]
"Ah, well, nevertheless,"

The only "cross posting" you should be doing on here is posting about The Passion of Jesus Christ

:drake_dislike: female presenting nipples
:drake_like: female presenting hippos

I am very tired.

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Lots of new rascals. For those who don't know I'm your admin. We don't have many rules but no Nazis, no TERFs, and please make use of block and silence. Oh and you need to CW NSFW stuff. I'm all for female presenting nipples but not at work.

What I can only guess is happening withe federation is that if a big instance gets backlogged or goes down, it kind of DOS's smaller ones that struggle to keep up? That's my guess. We have a bunch of resources, though.

So, I dunno what's going on with federation but we're at 0 backlogged jobs so we're churning through them as fast as they come in. 🤷

if hulk hogan wasn't his name, there would probably be a lot of people who were very upset about a guy signing his posts "-HH"

I have to serve jury duty tomorrow even though I hate cops.

"But i'm shy and don't have people skills"

Shy people aren't the problem. They know social skills are important and try to compensate. It's dicks who think that being decent to other people isn't important that are the problem.

"People skills are overrated" - People who would've been punched in the nuts REPEATEDLY in a society that values people skills.

when she-ra hits you in the eye like a big pizza pie, that's adora

GF: Maybe we're both just attuning to our princess runestone.

Me: Wow, that's the best euphemism for being on your period.

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