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For Coming Out Day I want to let you know that as your trans fediverse stepmom, I love you all. :bowserette:

Nextdoor may be an even bigger pit than :birdsite: but sometimes you get good content like this bobcat baby someone found in a ditch covered in ants.

a mastodon instance for tooting about spiteful bobcats

Sometimes I with I could QT because the poster is a bot!

I thought about paying for voice lessons but I ended up buying stuff to do cosplay instead.

Anyway, I got Markdown working, but of course, making a feature work halfassedly is one thing.

I actually sounded almost exactly like my brother. I didn't delete the videos because I'm proud of most of them.

Listening to my old videos isn't so much dysphoric as it is weird because I don't connect it with me.

As much as I dislike my voice, my starting point was deeper than the entire Intellectual Dark Web, so...

I gotta sad, not a fan of the whole Rails convention over configuration style.
[looks at a thing and has no idea why it does what it does]

If only hurricanes would just destroy, like, Mar-A-Lago and Lindsey Graham's house.

The Hurricane Michael stuff is upsetting because they keep trashing red states but the ones who actually bear the brunt of it are not the people in power.

For my Holiday Brand I'm definitely going with J Edgar Whoville.

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