[looks over at TL]
Oh, there's eugen talking about dildos.

So, about sex toys but not about sex... I actually watched two teardowns of magic wants and AvE giggled at it, but Big Clive was cool. Apparently he's gay? Rad.

@AudreyJune I have a vibrator and some dildoes that might be good but idk

I'll probably need new sex toys after I get a vagina huh

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I got handed an ayn rand sandwich
straight from the can it tasted so bland
i asked the lass to pass me a glass
of engels' conditions of the working class

@baronnarcveldt yeah and when it comes to popularization, a lot of these terms spread because there are a lot of journalists in that circle that use it in bigger publications. I forget what I saw the other day in like the wapo or nyt but I was like, "Uhhh"

@baronnarcveldt iirc it was a sports talk thing that spread to other parts of twitter via weird twitter in 2015 or so.

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