Who was the one who wanted an empty star for un-faved toots? I'm looking into it....

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@elle I wanted to see them when they were in my area but their fanbase is like all 20 years younger than me so I felt weird.

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"actually, Mr. Musk, pee is stored in the balls"

@Jacki Oh okay. Yeah, nothing seems perfect. I use Tootdon mostly but I still switch back to the mobile site because something I can't do on it.

@Jacki Mast looks like a promising client but it's not on android if that's what you're on .:/

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@Eweish If I were rich, what I'd want is: a) someone to keep my kitchen clean
b) someone to change my bedding every day so it's always fresh and clean
c) a giant bathtub

I think I'll take some time off from working on Mastodon stuff to work on my MUD stuff.

Every time I check on :birdsite: I'm reminded of how incredibly transphobic the world is.

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