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I was at the tea place and the butch girl who works there sometimes came in for lunch and as she passed by she said I look nice today.

I went to say "Thanks" but instead just choked on my drink.

I want to learn to draw.

Apparently you have to practice a lot.


When people ask for old records but
a) don't remember when they graduated
b) don't remember that their name changed

It's actually something I should've done like a week ago lol but anyway it shouldn't be down long.

Hey guys and dolls, I'm going to restart in about 10 minutes to update the server software.

@pianosmasher I found it, amusingly enough, at the end of the year because of a webcomic's year in review of albums.

It's sort of huge bullshit that it's such a pain to transfer files and settings from my old computer.

I still can't concentrate enough to do anything useful. Ugh. Maybe some sleep.

Google, I am trying to connect to, not looking for information on 'itchy anus'.

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