@wintgenstein which there's a lot of those? also I hope it's not one I'm friends with

@melodicake Yeah. My main thing is I want to make sure the things I add here work well with other instances.

I've wondered if there's a way to do like, stickers? I guess I could just do it as an image attachment and come up with a picker UI? I dunno.

Mastodon CSS Snippet: Embiggen Emojos 

@cthothlu Insurance is covering vaginoplasty, but I have to pay for BA myself, but that's okay, because the really expensive parts are the facilities and anesthesia and such.

It's total bullshit that I won't be able to play the FFXIV patch because I'll be recovering from surgery!!

Also FFXIV's music is so good...

Or it could be both. I'm just saying, Ohkubo loves that kind of shit, it was all over the place in Soul Eater.

You, a fool: 'Latom' in Fire Force is 'mortal' spelled backwards.

Me, wise: It's a reference to Rage Against The Machine.

gender stuff, terfish behavior in the wild 

Brad keeps wanting to add sumac to everything and honestly? Same.

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