What is a femboy? A miserable little pile of secrets in rainbow stockings!

Fuck you, COVID-19 response in the US for not letting me get my hair cut short again because people are being dipshits and can't wear masks or stay out of bars.

@beegrrl I can't do any of those things because I was born in 1980.

my aesthetic is corecore where you burn at 9500 degrees F

@bulkington @wintgenstein Well, yes, it was due to technical (well, monetary) considerations. But! Compared to the SG-1000 it still looks weird, and by the time it hit the US, the SMS came right after and that had far nicer graphics.

SG-1000 didn't really have any good games, unless you're really into old SEGA arcade games, of course.

@bulkington @wintgenstein I mean, PARTLY, yes, but, like, that's not really it! Look at this nonsense. Look at how many colors are similar and some are duplicates. And yet no yellow. But we've got four indistinguishable on a CRT greens.

fwiw I was tempted to unban glindr just so you could laugh at him but like, he wouldn't have responded

we're going to be moving to parler and stage an invasion

@lyliawisteria Yup. But if you can throw a bit of RAM at them, even old processors can do quite a bit.

Almost everything that we learned was like, a hardware limitation of 8-bit consoles can be fixed with more RAM. It's kind of wild how much consoles were built around not having to spend as much on RAM.

@wintgenstein It's a huge part of it! You can do a LOT with just 16 fixed colors if they're the right ones. See: the PICO-8. But the NES's palette is god-awful because it's based around being cheap and using tricks.

@dreamsofcheese ok yeah takis came out in 1999 the year after I finished HS.

@dreamsofcheese pretty sure takis weren't in the average supermarket here when I was in HS

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