@edwinb You've gotten ahold of Jack's plan for Twitter, I see.

@FuchsiaShock I literally did this on here and yeah, dude was like.
"Ah. Well, nevertheless,"

eduard siddon implies the existence of eduard geddof

One of the few female characters where I'm actually too SMALL for.

I should do a Noi cosplay. Maybe in time for AX.

short-term might seem like a viable remedy to the company, but… 

short-term might seem like a viable remedy to the company, but… 

@anna The thing is, I have plenty of issues with shitty developers building luxury condos and shit. BUT this is a city where the median home value is $1.2m. ANY apartments are still more affordable.

@patience We make a fair bit of money renting it to film and TV companies who film in the city all the time. But in a small city where space is very tight, it's the largest open, easy to use plot of land.

But the upper-middle-class citizens made a stink and shut down the project because it'd include too many apartments, which would bring 'low-income' people in.

So our plan was to sell the lot to developers who would put up a mixed-used building, on the condition that they include space for us in the underground parking. Then we'd have enough to fix the place properly. Right now, we're fucked because we can't fix it because it's historic so even though it's in violation now, it's grandfathered in.

Now, the school's playground is our parking lot and the biggest parking lot in the city. But it's wasted space, right?

So, I work in an old school. It looks nice on the outside, but it's really not suited to our needs. Because it's historic, we can't just gut it (even though it has ALREADY BEEN gutted and we'd leave the facade) without spending millions more than we have.

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