Myasstodon is such a great instance and since opening up to a more general POC instance this week they've been getting a lot of new members, and new members means new costs. This is a great time to give them some support if you can! if not, boost!

cc @ldopa

The most disappointing thing about Ascendance of a Bookworm is that there are 22 volumes of which only, what, six? are out in English. It'll take forever to catch up.


@ponfarr @Pixley Also is eating broccoli abuse? What is wrong with people! I'm getting mad and red over here.

@ponfarr @Pixley [absolutely boggling at the idea that kids could call another family's meal disgusting and get away with it]

sex work, tangentially 

@Pixley @jimpjorps the thing is I like canned tuna alright and noodles so the basic tastes don't seem bad to me

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