On a purely pragmatic level, nothing on your TL should be considered secure or entirely private. I can only make reasonable efforts here.

But you're not going to convince me that archiving all Fediverse content is somehow for the benefit of mankind?

Yeah, sorry, third parties listening in and archiving conversations without the knowledge of the others involved is... not a moral good? Even if that conversation is in some way public?

@jackolas Saying the NSA does it is not exactly going to convince me of its moral good.

@jackolas So then I am justified in kicking people out who fucking do that or...

@jackolas Setting up a hidden camera in a pub because you want to record everyone's conversations in case the future needs the knowledge of everyone's conversation isn't the same as building a library or keeping a record of legal proceedings.

It's like, "Ah, yeah, I built a puppy kicking machine" and then getting offended because you're like, "Well, gee, technology is only as good or bad as its users"

Yeah but all you can do with it is kick puppies, bro.

Honestly, there's no 'good' reason to archive everyone's posts without their consent.

Some zombie containers I have to keep an eye on.

Like, I'm seeing my posts more or less instantly?

Ok let me know if we're still having weird slowdown.

@fructose_dealer @byttyrs I'm killing some processes that keep coming back and hopefully that'll fix it for now.

Doing some upgrades and bouncing radical town in a few.

I'm not going to have chance to do much work on radical.town for a while, work is just too much of a pain in the ass.

We're not backed up on our jobs, I'm not sure why some things seem to be slow...

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