here's a recording of big ol' lecture I wrote & delivered for BMOLab and Vector Institute last month, entitled "Language Models and Poetics," in which I claim that computers not only *can* generate poetry, but in fact they can *only* generate poetry.

the discussion touches on GPT-n (of course), speech act theory, William Carlos Williams' _Spring and All_, Frank Lantz (twice), and more 🎶

(the audio didn't come out great, happy to supply text/slides to interested folks)

re: Death 

@witchy @Absolutely_Blakely Angel's last few weeks of posts were increasingly odd. It didn't sound like she was okay, whatever was happening, but we were only casual Twitter acquaintances...

re: Death 

@witchy @Absolutely_Blakely yeah and samantha pritchard who it sounds like was the last to see her alive. :/ i dunno I won't speculate more it's all fucked up and sad

re: Death 

@Absolutely_Blakely It's more likely a suicide or overdose, to be honest. It's still fucking me up tho.

re: Death 

@Absolutely_Blakely even wilder is another mutual is being accused of killing her (i need some more evidence but...)


I think this is the first time I've been a mutual with someone who died.

We have a few people interested in taking up radtown's server... to be clear: I don't plan on shutting anything down until the end of the year, even if no one takes over.

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The answer is I had surgery then COVID happened and I haven't been able to get my hair fixed in a year.

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Me, stoned and looking at old pictures: holy shit I was hot what happened

@adasauce So, I pay about $40 for hosting and $20 for media storage/serving. Both could probably be less, since we're down a fair bit from peak, but with a lot of users, we had a very active instance.

A few people seem interested and I'd be willing to hand over the db and domain, but I also want people to understand that it needs more resources than a lot of other instances.

@CyclopsCaveman At least if it doesn't it'll only affect me instead of causing me panic attacks haha

@CyclopsCaveman I genuinely like the community and think we had some great people here, it's just an emotional drain to moderate so I stepped away and a financial and time drain to keep things running. I'll probably make a private server for myself.


I once hooked up with a dude who was at CalTech and he lectured me about transgender stuff.

@witchy As long as I have the money I am fine paying it, since I know other people don't... but while I have my job through 2020 and half of 2021...

@witchy Yeah, it's about $40 for the server and another $20 for the media storage. We could save some money on the latter, but yeah.

@witchy Well, you got a couple months. Personally I'm gonna probably make a personal instance so I can pay like $5 a month instead of $60+

There's no timeline on this, I'd say probably by the end of the year unless someone wants to take over.

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