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Dipshits: Trans activists are a cult who only care about emotion and not our legitimate facts and concerns.

Me: Here are some facts, let's discuss policy in a rational manner.


Gross, worm, look I don't even know 

my new favorite method of responding to right wingers on twitter is just to post random gross animals because no matter how unpleasant it looks it's not against any TOS life is just weird and gross

These AI generated memes are going to put us out of business.

kevin they're just called toots and anyone can make one you can just ask for an invite link.

if I make this a reticulated giraffe i don't need to make the generator as complex

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I've given up my life of crime and now i'm working with john to make some vampire pie.

RetroPals have been playing Willy Beamish and they posted that it came with stickers in some editions.

The Mexican mole lizard looks like a ditto version of a worm.

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