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THis is the least weasel, it's the tiniest, most vicious predator around.

Bullshit that people in my guild are showing off having Milk Tea already.

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I'm not a fan of her portrait but the in-game sprite is so cute. Look at the little mung bean in a soup bowl!

Hm. All these songs are less, "Songs I really liked" and more like, "Songs at the top of the playlist so they just happen to get played more"

These only work on the web interface, not any other clients, of course. Unless they independently support them.

"Getting rid of regulations will lead to more competition and better standards for all!"
[gets rid of regulations and everything becomes a monopolistic hellscape]
"Ah, well, nevertheless,"

I was looking up pictures of stoats and just look at this.

Last night I learned that the ping pong tree sponge exists. It's not a tree, of course, but it is a carnivorous sponge that looks like an Ikea light fixture.

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