I think the next step for hobby 'makers' or whatever is going to be genetic engineering.

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By which I mostly mean using yeast or bacteria to make different proteins.

Please don't experiment on animals or w/e.

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100% down for synthmeat or cheese or various other kinds of animal products.

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@cambrian_era I totally agree but I'm also curious if anything in particular prompted this?

@Tetra watching some videos and going, "Huh, that doesn't seem like it's that hard to do"

@cambrian_era Makes sense, I had that experience a couple years back with Thought Emporium and have been loosely following the scene since
Hoping to take a swing at it myself someday

@cambrian_era if you're interested in partaking the scihouse discord is doing a study group sort of thing to try to get everyone a foundation of knowledge to draw from when trying to make sense of papers in that realm without the academic background normally associated with it

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