So, my thoughts on now that the first episode has come out:

It's pretty good! I kind of feel like the Otherside isn't... blue enough, but frankly, it's not like any of the depictions are going to be the same as what I had in my mind while reading.

I do think the choice to have very little internal monologue is interesting, because the novels are very much written from Sorawo's perspective and she actually comes off as less of a weird jerk when you don't hear what she's thinking.



Toriko comes across mostly the same in every version, which is kind of funny. I did notice that she wasn't inserting random English, which makes me wonder if they're just going to leave it out and translate all the English dialogue into Japanese... which would sort of be my preference rather than how jarring it is when you have characters who are supposed to be bilingual but can't speak English at all.

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One thing I'm pretty sure about is that they'll do the first three volumes, which is reasonable, because it does make for a natural stopping point.. in fact, the volumes are basically split into 11 different episodes already, almost as if the author was writing in the hopes of getting an anime adaptation. Which is fine!

Except it doesn't make the gayness explicit until the fourth volume. Now, it's not a romance and I wouldn't say their romance is a healthy one, but, like, that's drama.

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