I dunno why I like Adachi and Shimamura as much as I do. I guess because while the setup is your basic yuri one, it's as much about being awkward, disaffected teens as anything else.

Minor spoilers for Adachi and Shimamura 

I WILL say one thing I like about the light novels vs. the manga(s) or anime is that, uh, no, actually, Shimamura isn't stupid and she's aware of the intense gay vibes she's getting, she just denies them.

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Minor spoilers for Adachi and Shimamura 

And like, you kind of get it because Shimamura is very... non-committal and refuses to get close to people. So she both wants to be close to Adachi but also gets annoyed when she's TOO close. I hope they get together because otherwise I'm gonna get pissed off at her for knowing Adachi's feelings and leading her on instead of setting boundaries.

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