I'm thinking I should start sunsetting radtown.


I dunno when but I don't really have the energy to keep things going. Or if someone wants to take over, that could happen, too.

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@cambrian_era i'll be sad to see it go, you've always been a great admin, but do what you need to do :radicaltown:

@lennie Thanks, it's just most of our users have drifted away, and so have our mods, and I, myself, don't really have it in me to keep things going.

@cambrian_era thanks for doing an awesome job keeping this place going for so long. I first hand too how much emotional toll running a fedi server can take with supports leaving.

what kind of resources does it take to run? in terms of total cores/ram/storage used? I could see some folks wanting to keep it running.

@adasauce So, I pay about $40 for hosting and $20 for media storage/serving. Both could probably be less, since we're down a fair bit from peak, but with a lot of users, we had a very active instance.

A few people seem interested and I'd be willing to hand over the db and domain, but I also want people to understand that it needs more resources than a lot of other instances.

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