"Hey, the date on this might be wrong, it says this meeting happened in 2019 but it says the exit date is 2020. Which is it?"

"We should have a meeting about it."


I cannot fix errors that are in the data that you put in because I do not know what the correct data is! I have no input on this! It's very simple! Either the date is wrong or it's not!

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(Also the date is obviously wrong, it's just a typo)

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@cambrian_era But having a meeting lets them save face over making the typo :-/

@ghost_bird They never get that I'd respect them far more if they'd just take responsibility and fix it.

@ghost_bird Also, yeah, she's probably going to blame it on the secretary and say, "She puts in all the data" and like BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THE DATA SHOULD BE. Also the secretary is my friend!

@cambrian_era Well, as long as you and the secretary know whose fault it really is.

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