Old: Blazing Saddles would never get made now

New: Gremlins 2 would never get made now

@AudreyJune It's less that it's problematic as much as it's a totally bonkers sequel that turns a popular film into an incredibly goofy series of sketches.

@AudreyJune There's some problematic stuff, of course, but just the idea of them totally throwing the formula out and going for basically the muppets meets UHF is... imagine that nowadays.

@blackfireburns it's not the storyline it's that it's a huge deviation from the original successful formula that basically just goes for pure comedy.

@blackfireburns the story is that a trump/ted turner guy has a bunch of gremlins break out in his megatower that has a bunch of stuff that just serves as a pretense for gremlins doing cooking shows and genetic experiments

@cambrian_era I remember bits of it now, do you think if they made another they would go back to the roots or try to make a comedy slapstick one again

@blackfireburns I think they'd go back to the more dark mix of the original, but more than that, I think that most franchises these days don't want to do anything risky

@cambrian_era I think it might be time for a reboot though. Time to find the original

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