One of the wildest things rn is seeing (right wing) libertarians standing up for the police state like bro... bro... your libertarianism starts with being able to say slurs and ends when people don't want armed agents of the state to kill black folks?

@cambrian_era it's a trip, isn't it? they want a police state but one where rich white people get to exploit labour without restriction and smoke weed. that's american 'libertarianism'

@cambrian_era I know a prominent libertarian, and his Twitter feed is conspicuously full of indignant anger that nail salon owners can't open up shop *while simultaneously* saying "WELL ACTUALLY, it's wrong to call police brutality a "public health crisis" and it makes me want to stick my head in the cold dead vacuum of space

@cambrian_era surprise! libertarianism was always a smokescreen for fascism!

@cambrian_era On reddit the r/libertarian subreddit is staunchly protrump, which doesn't make any kind of sense.

@AndyBirdwhistle @cambrian_era

Makes about as much sense as the pink-hat brigade of "strong" women blowing kisses at Biden. :/

@cambrian_era I think it was Cory Robin who said most libertarians are disciplinarians at heart, and only object to the state when it prevents them from enforcing their will on others.

@ghost_bird @cambrian_era

"Defund the military so I can have more money for my private arsenal and also so they can't draft my kid thanks." :/

@xenophora @cambrian_era “But keep the courts and the police to enforce the indenture contracts my workers sign and round up any escapees”.


@cambrian_era probably the most ridiculous version of this I've had the displeasure of finding is Christopher Cantwell (best known as The Crying Nazi?) and how he unironically believes White Americans should buy up land by the US southern border so they can libertarianly castle-doctrine shoot anyone hopping the border because it's onto their property

so much liberty, right?

@cambrian_era The right-wing libertarian policies were conveniently mostly the same as the racists policies. Some may have been fooled, but it was a cartoonish ideology for closet racists.

@cambrian_era seein right libertarians hard pivot to being okay with arbitrary curfews to suppress protests... like fuck, you're opposed to the 'nanny state,' but now you're okay with the cops being your mom?? they gonna text you at 8:45 telling you to be home at 9?? fuck outta here, unprincipled shitheads.

@cambrian_era They're the same kind of bigots who were beating up black people at sit-ins throughout the 50s and 60s, agitating against little kids being bussed to their schools, screaming about communists, just rebranded because they like the word "liberty".

@cambrian_era I thought I was crazy when seeing this exact thing and not hearing anyone else bring it up at all!

@cambrian_era As a libertarian-- I stand up for protestors but not for violence.
They aren't the same. Nobody wants agents of state to kill black folks.

@offgridscribber People have a right to self-defense and a right to defend themselves against unjust laws. It's not as simple as violent or not.

Here's the thing, though. While nobody says they want* agents of the state to kill people, people will make excuses and enable them. "Oh, he was a criminal" "Oh, there are some bad cops but..." "Well, if you didn't want to be beaten you shouldn't break curfew".

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