i don't understand sports or league of legends

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@cambrian_era everything is sports (except league of legends), AMA

@thomas I get the basic rules it's just I always struggle to understand what was going on beyond the surface level. Like, I get that the ball is going into the hole/net/end zone.

@cambrian_era This is the secret no sports want you to know... that's basically it. Ball/puck/person gets to destination is the basic rules of every sport. It's like taco bell, everything is just a variation of the same few ingredients

@cambrian_era Baseball is pitcher v batter duel and if the players are really good nobody else on the field does anything at all. (Player crosses home plate)

Football is 11 on 11 that takes 3 hours to play 1 hour of sports. (Ball crosses line with player)

Basketball is fast and exciting and you can just build a superteam of the best players because there are basically no rules against it. (ball goes in net)

@thomas I can't watch baseball at all because, like, that just breaks my ADHD brain.

@cambrian_era It's really slow sometimes. I like to think about each pitch and at-bat having stakes and that helps me get through it. I don't like watching it on TV, but it's fun to attend a game

@cambrian_era Also, hitting a professionally thrown fastball is one of the hardest things a human being can do, no kidding

@thomas @cambrian_era this is correct. the main difference between the sports is how difficult it is to put the sphere into the target area. Basketball is easy (happens 100x/game) and soccer is most difficult (sometimes there is no score).

@Gargron Any moba honestly, or RTS games. My brain just shuts down. Too many moving pieces.

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