One of my favorite things about evolution is how certain forms come up over and over. Worms and snakes come up over and over because it's like nature going "what if tube".

But my other favorite form is 'shrew' because there are a ton of animals that are unrelated that are just, like, going back to that old, successful mammalian form of 'small thing that eats bugs or whatever'.

Nature docs always show, like, an early mammal being eaten by the big, nasty dinosaurs like they're evolutionary losers, but clearly it's successful! So much so that they keep evolving from different lineages.

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@cambrian_era there’s a docu me & my wife watched called ‘mammals: a winning design’, about just how successful they are, but it’s become a running joke to yell about many of our design flaws (like sinuses)

@Cathymarinara As much as I hate my sinuses, I find that sort of thing fascinating. I was reading something the other day about our weird re-evolved trichromatic vision.

@cambrian_era Being small and sustaining yourself on the most populous type of animal life on the planet seems like a pretty smart thing to do, yeah.

@cambrian_era when AI designs moving creatures it usually moves like, imo, a tube animal

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