@cambrian_era Then you can count me as one. Born in 1985 here.

My family ended up with three of these buckets. Pretty sure one was from before my sister was born and the other two from after since the two match each other, but the first is different.

We also had gotten several sand castle buckets.

@cambrian_era i am scared and confused by those quotes around remember

@cambrian_era i feel like expounding on this hours later in that i had a pumpkin shaped plastic thing to put candy in BUT it had an open lid and was semispherical instead of straight-sided like this. like it imitated a pumpkin shape more thoroughly. thanks

@cambrian_era a trick or treat bucket? i used a pillowcase.

@cambrian_era it's from McDonald's, isn't it? I remember having one around the time I was 3 (1985). I think I eventually (as I did with most containers) used it to hold Legos.

@cambrian_era this was a yearly thing right? I think I had like a green ghost one too and like a purple Frankenstein

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