I don't want to watch your fucking one hour tutorial video where you ramble on about shit!!! WRITE FUCKInG DOCUMENTATION

@cambrian_era flashback to the startup job that told me 2 rounds in, "We closed the doc writing position, but would you be interested in doing video~?"

The answer

@cambrian_era literally had a repairman googling for installation videos at my apartment yesterday. I quoted him from the service manual that I memorized when I troubleshot the thing before calling (not impressive, two pages long, mostly consisting of "make sure it's plugged in").

@cambrian_era Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I'm *still* annoyed that I bought a $300 piece of professional software two years ago, and the entirety of the documentation on it was, "here's a link to our Youtube page with video tutorials." I should not need to sit watching a 45 minute video to find out where the "change brush size" option is.

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