For instance, we have about 2700 users right now. Our active userbase is much smaller, like, ~500. of those, I think about a hundred actually post and those make up the build of the activity.

We have a lot of users that seem to just use our instance to look at porn. Which is fine, but weird to me, since I silence un-CW'd NSFW instances so discovery is a bit tougher.

Which of these matter? For what reasons? I dunno, it's just curiosity since I'm not trying to sell any data or ads or anything. What's the most meaningful metric? Someone who posts 20 times a day or someone who is on 20 hours looking at porn?


radtown has always been a fairly small but active instance, we're not particularly big but even without some of our more prolific posters who've hopped over to other ones, we've kept it up.

Initially I thought it was all toddy.

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