Gab clearly imported its userbase and statuses, which means it has hundreds of thousands of.... ghost accounts. That's not to say it's not a big instance, it does seem to have a relatively big userbase but that's.. really very meaningless. But it's a big instance kind of floating out in the middle of a bunch of little free speech orbiters.

There are a few other instances running gab with like, sub-100 users. So... yeah?

@cambrian_era inflated. I told someone from there that right wingers always inflate their numbers like the way the nra does, and it struck a nerve. I think thats what they are doing.

@Rich_Graham I believe that after, like, 5 years they could have 900k accounts. How many of those are duplicates or spam, I have no idea. But from the bit of information I've seen about their activity, they seem to be like, on par with .jp or .social or even ehjovan and that's a hell of a thing that a single twitter user's fanbase can generate similar levels of activity to a project that has been hyped by right-wing personalities and had $5 million in funding.

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