I hate that my only choices for UE4 are C++ and blueprints.

I guess I could use Unity? Like, I'd take C# over C++?


Not that I love C# but like, I know it and jumping into C++ just for UE4 is ... ugh.

But if I want to do a VR game what else can I do??

@cambrian_era c# is arguably better than c++ in this domain and IMO unity is beeter for me than ue4

@cambrian_era tbh i reaally want to learn rust its like the languge of the future

@th_newfront There's a real learning curve to it but some of the big pitfalls are really being worked on.

@th_newfront Honestly the API documentation isn't bad, the problem is that things like lifetimes and the way it handles errors are pretty different concepts from what you normally do.

@cambrian_era i heard about that at a conference actually oh and btw why everyone in the conference is using

@cambrian_era i forgot the word windows you know the forbidden word around here

@th_newfront They were having trouble working with Rust in Windows? I haven't tried it for like, UI dev

@cambrian_era it was a conference about IOT and they mentioned rust

@th_newfront Ahh. Yeah, I don't think the docs are bad, I do think the problem is that there's a lack of an ecosystem that's as deep... having said that it does play pretty nice with C libraries.

@chaomodus @cambrian_era yup ive been experimenting with godot lately bcs its open source and so light

@th_newfront @cambrian_era I keep meaning to do a project with it but haven't had the energy to. I'm fond of the fact that its free and also there's a python binding (and the native language is a lot like python)

@chaomodus @cambrian_era you should its pretty neat and the recent updates made it significantly better

@th_newfront @chaomodus Godot's VR support is a bit rudimentary rn but I'll keep an eye out because the main reason I wasn't into Godot was using Godotscript lol.

@cambrian_era @chaomodus id say godot real poyential will be unlocked in the near future

@cambrian_era I think Godot has vr support now although I've only used the 2d engine

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