Other option is to keep 'you' as plural and go back to using 'thou' for singular.

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@cambrian_era it's the best plural pronoun and very good

@king The thing is, it can certainly be used in an appropriative manner? We all know That Guy/That Gal.

@cambrian_era yeah, I mentioned earlier that you can sort of read it when someone is using it disingenuously or like, faking it. I don't know how to explain it better, but I feel like you can tell

@cambrian_era and then like, code-switching is for sure real and we all do it. It's not a bad thing. Just like... I dunno, don't pretend to be somebody you're not for laughs or whatever.

@cambrian_era I'm actually really passionate about southern language in particular, so it's hard not to jump right into this despite the fact that nobody here knows me, lol

@cambrian_era having tried to learn spanish on duolingo i can testify to its superiority as a langusge when it comes to the second person. can be both blessing and curse tho. i asked the oral examiner for my english degree if i should refer to them in plural or singular (in greek they are different and i got used to asking). in english. needless to say the speaking exam was hardly a pass.

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