One thing I hate about learning a new language is that they never tell you the things you actually need to use it in a reasonable way.

Like, every intro to Javascript, for instance, tells you that, oh, say, here's how you define a function, but they don't explain how callbacks work and how functions can be passed as variables and the difference between passing a function vs. the result of a function. I mean, you learn that EVENTUALLY but...

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Or in this case in Rust, it doesn't explain error handling and how to deal with Results and Options until like, buried in chapter 18 after a bunch of other shit and yet like, moment-to-moment that's most important to me than a lot of the rest of what I learned.

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"Oh, the ? operator is just an early return with the error." and instead of having to either fuckin deal with matching every result or unwrap I can actually clean things up.

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