If anyone ever actually agreed to go on my fictional interview podcast, The Thot Seat, I'd be forced to actually make it, but I'm willing to take that risk.

@HYPERLINK It's mostly a challenge to people who claim to want a debate!

@cambrian_era oh. i dont wanna debate i wanna talk about being a thot lmfao

@HYPERLINK @cambrian_era

i will go on your podcast and debate you about damned near anything. i can also record audio on my end for convenience.

@jackdaw_ruiz @HYPERLINK I was actually like, "Oh, we could talk about mastodon" and then I was like" wait

@cambrian_era @HYPERLINK

ma'am i assure you that i have no idea what a podcast is, and i certainly do not understand why people keep saying this to me. 🤔

we don't HAVE to talk Mastodon. we could discuss how i am currently the head of Joe Biden's digital outreach campaign for the primaries. or my time as an engineer at Theranos. anything, really.

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