i'm okay with dwarf fortress being something that I can actually understand visually

@cambrian_era apparently the dwarf fortress thing is bc the creator needs to fundraise for his medical bills which is..... something huh

@melissasage @cambrian_era is dwarf fortress getting revamped in order get more donations or will there be some paid version? that thing is videogame history

@sweg_user @cambrian_era they're making a new skin for it basically and releasing it on steam, so it looks more like a traditional game. kind of like what they did with ADOM recently. idk the further details bc i treat Dwarf Fortress like I treat Minecraft: immense respect for people who play it and do really dope shit, while never really playing it myself for fear that i will never play anything else again.

@melissasage @cambrian_era ahh i see! thanks! i tried to play dwarf fortress because i thought it would have dope world generation but i played fortress mode which basically means optimize for not dying for a couple days by reading wikis and then give up and never explore the world

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