It always bugs me that when we learn about shit like rich people paying to get their kids better scores some smug, cynical bastard is always like, "Oh, gee, you weren't aware the rich were bad?"


Listen, we always suspect bad shit happens but we also understand that there's a difference between suspicion and proof.

@cambrian_era Not to say this sentiment isn't true, but like "rich people are bad" isn't exactly just a "suspicion"

@cambrian_era Tbh most often the belief that rich people may not do harm given their power dynamics is kind of a privilege or some form of indoctrination.

@danishcookies That's sort of the thing, though. Of COURSE we know that rich people are bad, but we're talking about specific, actionable claims.

@danishcookies Though in this case most of us figured it was mostly, like, using connections with administration and not like, straight up bribery.

@cambrian_era I hardly think of "Oh, gee, you weren't aware the rich were bad?" as cynical and more like a fact. I honestly doubt rich people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

@danishcookies I think that acting like nothing matters because you already knew everything was fucked is cynical.

@cambrian_era It's not like it does not matter. It's just that it's perfectly fine to be cynical towards rich people. There's positive nihilism too.

@cambrian_era It's more like "this oppressive class is a bane to our society in its very existence. No point in nit picking every fringe decisions they do. They need to be eradicated regardless."

@danishcookies I mean it's literally a crime? I don't think it's nitpicking fringe decisions?

@cambrian_era It's a crime it's not a crime. Does it really matter in the end? Would it change the fact that they are an oppressive class? Would that change the fact that the system is completely rigged?

@cambrian_era How would it matter? Let's say that particular person didn't do it. Would it make you hate the rich less?

@danishcookies It probably matters a whole lot to the people who are being indicted.

@cambrian_era My point is why providing the oppressive justice when they never offered it to the downtrodden? And bribery isn't some irrelevant crime. It's directly tied to their nature as an oppressive class.

@cambrian_era Bottom line is that I hardly see any point in giving these people the benefit of the doubt. And consider them to be intrinsically bad and most likely commit these sorts of things isn't "cynical." It's just what they deserve.

@cambrian_era You can expect the kindness in a lot of people, but just not the rich

@danishcookies Cool, well, next time someone's eyes are opened because of an event, be sure to slide into their mentions and let them know how you already knew better.

@cambrian_era Rich people is an oppressive class. They totally deserve to be cynically judged.

@danishcookies I have no idea what you think I'm trying to argue here.

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