My hottest video game take is this: WoW ruined MMOs by setting a standard that everyone else followed. Early MMOs might have been clunky but they were varied.


After WoW everyone made copies of it but by the nature of the genre they couldn't all succeed. Nobody is going to take a chance on investing in a unique new MMO for a long time.

It’s a tough mold to break and someone has to figure out how to do it and probably cant charge $15/month for it either.

@cambrian_era Guild Wars 2 is very non-WoW-like, and the former game director of GW2 now works at Amazon Games.



@AudreyJune @cambrian_era I tried to upload this to peertube a few times but apparently the instance I signed up on is broken right now or something

so here's a YouTube link to a 4 minute video of me messing around with GW2 mounts:

@ben I mean sorta but then again GW2 is more like wow than GW1

@cambrian_era you should look into MUDs, they might be text based, but they've been alive since the 90s.

@Megamike64 Oh, I actually started on MUDs and Federation in the 90s.

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