@cambrian_era me too...i hope they have male models because i don't want to pay for a second name change!!

@wintgenstein Oh i'm sure they will. When they were considered for Stormblood, they had concept art for male viera.

@wintgenstein Lalas are adorable but I find them weird to play for some reason. Though I played a gnome in EQ1 and that was played entirely in first person!

@wintgenstein It was great, and by great I mean... like... it was... bizarre and you had no idea what was going on.

@cambrian_era they should bring back the "press this button to order a pizza" to uis

@wintgenstein but yeah, imagine if you didn't have, like... stats on your spells or even any descriptions on them or any keeping track of quests or dungeons where they weren't shared

@cambrian_era yeah i remember watching an interview with classic wow devs and the reason it was Like That was becuase the number one criticism of EQ was that people wanted to actually be able to do quests

@wintgenstein Yeah, eventually they did add all that shit but the first few years were just weird and baffling. But that was also cool because like, stuff was genuinely getting discovered for a long time.

@wintgenstein But yeah, it's wild because there's Project 1999 that brings back 2001-era EQ and it's kind of... nostalgic but hard to actually play

@cambrian_era yeah a friend was trying to rope me into that --i considered it because i needed to scratch the mmo itch but my old computer couldn't run any current stuff.

@wintgenstein @cambrian_era i tried to log in and play once and, as someone who played a shitton of ffxi which similarly made no fucking sense, i could not make heads nor tails of it

@anna @cambrian_era i played EQ2 in its finished state as...a fairy lady? some kind of magic user class. i made it 2 hours in but got turned off with how pay to win the game is now

@wintgenstein @anna Oh, yeah, EQ2 is fine, it's huge, it has all you'd expect from an MMO, but if you're not a subscriber it's kind of... really gating.

@wintgenstein It's reaaaaally not worth playing lol. but sometimes I play because of pure nostalgia. But without the nostalgia factor it's kind of brutal.

@cambrian_era i have a feeling the classic wow relaunch this summer will end up being the same way when people realize how poorly designed it was

@wintgenstein @cambrian_era there are pretty popular vanilla wow servers that people do love to play on so i do think it will hit its stride with certain people but many more will be like "yeah i remember it better than it actually is"

@anna @wintgenstein I'd play a server that was EQ1 but like, with leveling sped up by 10 times. Just that would make the nostalgia trip worth it.

@anna @cambrian_era I should point out that I'm fine with f2p when its like rift where it's purely cosmetic or for faster mounts or bonuses in non combat stuff. I'm not a fan of gating most starting zones behind a sub

@wintgenstein @cambrian_era i just looked at EQ2's monetization and its wild, it seems like its one of those games that just gets exponentially more expensive the more you get sucked into it

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@cambrian_era @wintgenstein
This is very similar to my feelings about early Star Wars Galaxies

@larrydavis @cambrian_era @wintgenstein i love p99 but as a shy person i play only about 1% of the time that i could as it's so incredibly social and most modern mmos are.. not. i play ffxiv as a 1 player game pretty much, not even in an fc 😿

@greg @cambrian_era @larrydavis wha?!?! but being in a fc crew and organizing raids is so fun!!!

@greg @cambrian_era @larrydavis I have the opposite problem where I become a shut in and form parasocial relationships with mmo people because all my irl friends moved awaybhaha

@wintgenstein @cambrian_era @larrydavis yeah, i think most of it is that i don't really like any part of the battle system. i am veeery slow so even low-key stuff in the duty finder can be stressful as i don't do the AoE ddr very well at all. i'd much rather just craft full-time (which was planned in 1.0 but abandoned 😿)

@larrydavis @wintgenstein I worked on customer service at SOE for early SWG and to be honest, a lot of the obscurity was just that it was buggy as shit and incomplete lol

@cambrian_era @wintgenstein
Oh I am aware

But there’s still a lot of charm to that, honestly. I had a better time with that than any other MMO. Like, the bad version of that is Matrix Online.

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