Isekai stories have too much fucking slavery holy shit.

@cambrian_era i'd love to see analysis of tropes in the genre as a whole because like its a bad sign when SAO is the most popular one in it

@wintgenstein Otaku really like the idea of owning girls

.oh but they'd be super nice to them because they're good guys.

@wintgenstein the better examples of the genre tend to stay away from harem stuff. Except for otome game Villainess because her bisexual harem is more cute than anything else.

@wintgenstein 'sex worker in another world' is one of the only ones that goes, "uh actually this is fucked up".

@wintgenstein that one comes with some super hefty content warnings.

@wintgenstein without spoiling parts I don't want to spoil I will say it's... A lot more interesting and nuanced than it seems at first glance. Which is what I was hoping for.

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