I extremely hate how much of a pain in the ass getting refills on prescriptions is.

@cambrian_era Same... My pharmacy has an app and it's still a load of shite. I tend to use their phone system most times but that's *also* a PITA


Options for me at my pharmacy:

1) Go down in person and request refills, wait 20 minutes if they're not busy or come back again later to pick up

2) Phone, use automated phone system, need to have the 9-digit numbers of my latest prescriptions on hand. Wait ~24 hours before picking up

3) Use app, still have to have the 9-digit numbers on hand and type them in, one number at a time

I guess it likely about liability etc. etc. but it's super fucking annoying

@karyl Mine goes like this:
1) use the web site
2) get no response.
3) call
4) They say they tried calling my doctor for a refill but got no response
5) call my doctor
6) THEY say they called the pharmacy
7) repeat

@cambrian_era Ugh yeah... I usually get like, a year's worth of refills enabled on my prescriptions so I only have to check in with the doc annually. Makes that part a little easier, at least. Thankfully for my particular medications, that's an option for me.

@cambrian_era @karyl This is what we get for taking away their fax machines.

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