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@cambrian_era ooooh!

which fork is that in or did you add that yourself?

i'm trying to move to the glitch-soc fork if i ever get this migration to my cluster done but there's so much cool stuff in forks i haven't even checked out yet


ah man that's soo cool..

now i'm gonna have to rethink which fork to try out

@luxotek if you've got some tinkering skills you can probably mix and match too


yeah i was thinking about that and wondering if i could merge the two - unfortunately i'm coming from a huge windows sysadmin background and let my *nix stuff slip soooo bad that i'm just now learning how to use git and docker and stuff so i have alot of catching up to do

todays plan was figuring out how to make my own fork so all the changes i make can survive an upgrade so i can possibly move to a docker swarm in the near future

@luxotek Honestly that's been my journey as well except I'm not even a windows sysadmin... luckily my girlfriend knows a lot about all this so I can ask her.


oh thats awesome stuff to bond over and do stuff togethe on.

my wife used to be super into computers and the internet and games and stuff but she never has time anymore since she went to college - she just plays android games now and i just can't get into that anymore
we used to be hardcore WoW raiders before our little came along and i got sick - like world rated and stuff - rift and swtor and portal were fun with her too - i just can't do gaming like that any more

These only work on the web interface, not any other clients, of course. Unless they independently support them.

@cambrian_era hey this is sort of advanced request (if it's even possible) and it's *not* necessary or anything (I could just spend the work on my end to do it) but is it possible for the server/backend to automatically convert a video I upload into a format acceptable for all users? I noticed if I upload a .webm video even though it works in the browser (and presumably on Android devices as well) it won't play in any of the apps on iOS.

@cambrian_era If it takes too much compute or adds too many jobs or something like that I totally understand, it's just a general question really.

@radicalrobit It's not impossible but yeah, I'm not not sure that's an easy one, picture stuff is all done through imagemagick but I guess it just doesn't touch videos.

@cambrian_era I'll just have to remember to convert them beforehand. I think .social might have this kind of functionality but it's been so long since I was logged into that account I actually don't want to claim it did with any real authority because I might be wrong.

@cambrian_era there's a mastodon fork with markdown support? rad

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