New users: we have a few additional features here: on the post screen there is a gif search, and in the advanced section of preferences you can change the column width and enable _markdown_.

These only work on the web interface, not any other clients, of course. Unless they independently support them.

@cambrian_era hey this is sort of advanced request (if it's even possible) and it's *not* necessary or anything (I could just spend the work on my end to do it) but is it possible for the server/backend to automatically convert a video I upload into a format acceptable for all users? I noticed if I upload a .webm video even though it works in the browser (and presumably on Android devices as well) it won't play in any of the apps on iOS.

@cambrian_era If it takes too much compute or adds too many jobs or something like that I totally understand, it's just a general question really.

@radicalrobit It's not impossible but yeah, I'm not not sure that's an easy one, picture stuff is all done through imagemagick but I guess it just doesn't touch videos.

@cambrian_era I'll just have to remember to convert them beforehand. I think .social might have this kind of functionality but it's been so long since I was logged into that account I actually don't want to claim it did with any real authority because I might be wrong.

@cambrian_era there's a mastodon fork with markdown support? rad

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