Hi I need help because right now I literally cannot log into my own instance because I'm using a theme that doesn't exist apparently but I know it exists and has been compiled and is in themes.yml

@Shadow8t4 @asonix You should be able to reach into the db and set the theme for this user to mastodon so at least you could log in.

@cambrian_era @asonix I really like that idea thank you but also on a whole it doesn't solve our issue of why my themes aren't updating in the manifest

@Shadow8t4 @asonix My temporary solution until I can figure out why it's not working is to add the files to the manifest manually. If you're using docker, it's a bit more complicated. At least you can get in, though.

@cambrian_era @asonix I'm not using docker, and I guess I could try to do that. It just feels like there should be a better solution here.


@Shadow8t4 @asonix I agree, but I couldn't get it to consistently add the files. There was an issue on the mastodon wiki but it got closed. It's... really weird.

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@Shadow8t4 @asonix Like, everything worked fine and suddenly things I hadn't touched in ages refused to build... sometimes.

@Shadow8t4 @asonix No error message either, and if I touched the files in my dev environment it added them but sometimes it just went 'nah'.

@cambrian_era @Shadow8t4 @asonix I'm just gonna go get some food and cry now because wow does this take me back to college days

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