Follow Domain Blocks - Silenced, Media Block
Reason: Loli Hentai - Silenced, Media Block
Reason: Loli Hentai - Suspend
Reason: Way more explicit loli shit

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A few more I've added since then:
All that guy's domains (there's a bunch) for lots of complicated reasons. because nobody wants to see that.

Show thread Domain Blocks - Same tedious gab shit and a bunch of other small edgelord/loli instances that I can list later but most had like, two people on them.

Show thread Domain Blocks - lol no - ayyy lmao no

Show thread Domain Blocks - Nothing but follow bots.

Show thread Domain Blocks - Silenced for untagged porn. Silenced for new users means you can follow accounts but they will not show up in the federated TL. Tag your porn, please.

Show thread Domain Blocks - Silenced, too much porn in avatars. - Silenced for "ironic" boring homophobic edgelord shit.

Show thread Domain Blocks - it's just the game liberty clowns again.

Show thread Domain Blocks upgraded to suspension for being generally worthless shits.

Show thread Domain Blocks 

Will consolidate these into another thread but: - Because c'mon.

Show thread Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era you might be interested in this list of ours too Domain Blocks 

@ojbr Thanks, I'll check it out. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era Is there a somewhat centralized list of nasty servers to avoid? That would be a good resource. Domain Blocks 

@wtfflorida I know there are, but I don't use a list for various reasons. I think posts theirs tho. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era i like this instance. this is a nice instance Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era woo thank you Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era Yeah, and they don't have any publicly known admin. We blocked them too. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era I was curious about that after I got like three of them a few weeks ago. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era still waiting for you to block Domain Blocks 

@jardshiel Someday when I get canceled. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era but you’re eternal! Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era thank u modmom ❤️ Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era took me a bit to realise what the domain actually read as

cc @amic Domain Blocks 

@cerret @amic I saw it earlier but hadn't looked into it... but then it turns out they were just discussing buying the domain out in the open on their instance lol. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era go off queen!!! fuck those alt-right dickheads Domain Blocks 

@realtoddhoward They've been silenced since the beginning so we never really got any reports about them. Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era yeah but hearing other people even mention them is enough to make me realize that a Pleroma Smug Loli is just a racist 4channer 9 times out of 10 Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era I just had @ItsJenNotGabby tell me about them right before I saw this. They outta there fam. #FuckNazis

@cambrian_era hi, is this still the most recent block list? Looking to move with knzk shutdown

@Ttle I think it's a bit outdated. Mostly I've stuck to silencing instances. being there mostly recent.

@cambrian_era thanks for getting back to me. forgive me, but i'm not sure what the difference is between blocking and silencing at the instance level.

@Ttle silencing is like muting. If you follow someone you'll still see their posts, too. But only if you do.

@Ttle I use it a lot because sometimes I just don't want porn or whatever in the TL but don't mind if people view it themselves

re: Domain Blocks 

@cambrian_era apart from the content not being acceptable there's also a lot of SPAM originating from there on my instance.
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