I'm sure everyone knows about them, but here's a reminder that harvest mice exist.

Oh, by the way, their scientific name is micromys minutus which I will loosely translate to teeny tiny mouse.

@Taweret To be fair they spend most of their time eating grains so I get it

@cambrian_era I want to be able to turn into a thousand of these at will.

@cambrian_era oh my gosh how can anything so small exist like this i cant, deal with this baby

@gebargel I don't reallyknow, actually! I know they build nests and stuff, but not about the flowers in particular

@cambrian_era "Ah geez a mouse got into the flower again."

D- don't you mean flour?


@pillowcat They love eating grains, actually, so both are likely!

@cambrian_era Thank you so much for reminding us of this v important fact


Uhhmmm...sorry that is a carnivorous Tulip The deadly "Vivid Yellow Digestor" captures field mice and slowly dissolves them tail first.

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