So, here's my last meta post until my next one and I'll sticky it for people on because I feel like I should be clear about how I want to handle things and why.

My goal on here is to use a light touch with moderation. I want to maintain a decent space, but I can't be your mommy (unless you're into that sort of thing, in which case, see Venmo). But this is a double edged sword. It means you need to take responsibility for your own feed.

Mute early, mute often. Moderation-wise, I'm mainly looking for clearly bad actors (see: Nazis), and people with a clear pattern of causing problems. I'm not looking for people who are being dicks, because, well, everyone's got beef with someone and it's not in anyone's best interest for me to be the one to try and resolve that.

Twitter at the time of GamerGate had NO tools for dealing with dogpiling beyond individual blocks. Mastodon right now has a lot more. Use them. Muting threads and notifications from non-followers, for instance, are really useful.

Basically, I'll keep the place clear of Nazis and TERFs, but if you want this place to be fun, you really don't want mods banning people for shitposting or just regular beef. And, of course, if the instance grows, this stuff will change. But I figure explaining my thought process is more helpful than trying to come up with a list of rules to cover every case. And if you are unclear about something, just ask.

@cambrian_era a list of rules only invites laywers to try and get around them without getting the axe

@bax_books @cambrian_era yup. its why the witches rules are basically no nazis/terfs/abusers/cops, use consent in your interactions, and most importantly, i can ban anyone for any reason and nobody owes you their time to explain it to you

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