Boobs, breast augmentation 

I'm at the point in my recovery where I want to do more than my body is really capable of.

Finally back home. So tired but glad to be home. :chick_smile:

Looking forward to my own (nicer) bed and my computer and stuff.

Should be able to head back home tomorrow after checkup.

Ok, blocked some more instances run by that gleason dude, and enabled it so users can see our blocks (I don't know where it is offhand)

follower count being broken is a feature actually

So, we got Hulu + Live TV with all the channels and now I basically have cable again and I'm back on my bullshit.

I have my third checkup then. So far I'm slowly but steadily getting better. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of notes because I am a nerd.

I'm being nice and letting dew choose the videos instead of just forcing HGTV through.

We'll see what other daytime TV I'll get into once I exhausted BA test kitchen

HGTV Notes:
I like the Property Twins (They're so goddamn the same).
I actually really like Home Town.
Fixer Upper is.. okay.
I hate house flippers with my life.



I'm at the point in surgery recovery where my brain wants to do more than my body will actually handle.

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