If we go down again in a bit it's gonna be because I went ahead and did some system updates while we're at it.

Anyway, sorry, it's my fault for being bad about paying bills.

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Sign. Bank is still being weird about payments so I have to do it manual.

Setting up a MiSTer is a trip and a roulette of hand-made parts but it is a very cool thing.

What is a femboy? A miserable little pile of secrets in rainbow stockings!

Fuck you, COVID-19 response in the US for not letting me get my hair cut short again because people are being dipshits and can't wear masks or stay out of bars.

my aesthetic is corecore where you burn at 9500 degrees F

fwiw I was tempted to unban glindr just so you could laugh at him but like, he wouldn't have responded

we're going to be moving to parler and stage an invasion

Almost everything that we learned was like, a hardware limitation of 8-bit consoles can be fixed with more RAM. It's kind of wild how much consoles were built around not having to spend as much on RAM.

I'm gonna try to make a CNC machine, which I can use to make a better CNC machine.


Old: Blazing Saddles would never get made now

New: Gremlins 2 would never get made now

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