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Oh yeah, there's an issue tracker/proposal tracker for specific stuff. Though, you know, don't use it to request emojis, I can do that on my own.

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I was at the tea place and the butch girl who works there sometimes came in for lunch and as she passed by she said I look nice today.

I went to say "Thanks" but instead just choked on my drink.

I want to learn to draw.

Apparently you have to practice a lot.


When people ask for old records but
a) don't remember when they graduated
b) don't remember that their name changed

It's actually something I should've done like a week ago lol but anyway it shouldn't be down long.

Hey guys and dolls, I'm going to restart in about 10 minutes to update the server software.

It's sort of huge bullshit that it's such a pain to transfer files and settings from my old computer.

I still can't concentrate enough to do anything useful. Ugh. Maybe some sleep.

Google, I am trying to connect to, not looking for information on 'itchy anus'.

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My computer packages got delivered... I might sneak off work a few minutes early to put them in my apartment.

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