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Oh yeah, there's an issue tracker/proposal tracker for specific stuff. Though, you know, don't use it to request emojis, I can do that on my own.

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On a purely pragmatic level, nothing on your TL should be considered secure or entirely private. I can only make reasonable efforts here.

But you're not going to convince me that archiving all Fediverse content is somehow for the benefit of mankind?

Yeah, sorry, third parties listening in and archiving conversations without the knowledge of the others involved is... not a moral good? Even if that conversation is in some way public?

It's like, "Ah, yeah, I built a puppy kicking machine" and then getting offended because you're like, "Well, gee, technology is only as good or bad as its users"

Yeah but all you can do with it is kick puppies, bro.

Honestly, there's no 'good' reason to archive everyone's posts without their consent.

Some zombie containers I have to keep an eye on.

Like, I'm seeing my posts more or less instantly?

Ok let me know if we're still having weird slowdown.

Doing some upgrades and bouncing radical town in a few.

I'm not going to have chance to do much work on for a while, work is just too much of a pain in the ass.

We're not backed up on our jobs, I'm not sure why some things seem to be slow...

I guess we've been around for about a year, too.

"Um, I have not been able to take attendance for two days now!!"

Um, you see up there where it has a red box with an icon of a clock winding back and it says 2018-2019? What school year are we in now?

If you snitch cc me in an email to your boss, you better believe I will point out how you're being a dumbass in front of them.

just heard back that a local group will be performing the brass arrangement that I made earlier this year of a song from the game Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon at their winter concert this year

Like, it's usually shit like the dude's, "Insidious gender ideology is trying to transgender your children!!!" or conservatives going, "You're free to do anything you want! Just as long as you're okay with being shit on!"

I'm so used to conservative and TERF brands of transphobia that it's weird to see dudes straight up being like, "I don't think trans people should choose to be trans". It's almost charming in its naivete?

I don't know what they're going to do after I leave. They're not going to be able to get anyone who can do this at the pay they give me.

Why can't I work for my old boss, who, like, understands and appreciates when I dig through bizarre SSIS nonsense to get updates working, instead of my current one, who is like, "Can't you cancel your appointment because I already scheduled you to do this after hours without telling you."

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