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Oh yeah, there's an issue tracker/proposal tracker for specific stuff. Though, you know, don't use it to request emojis, I can do that on my own.

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So, here's my last meta post until my next one and I'll sticky it for people on because I feel like I should be clear about how I want to handle things and why.

We play a bunch of mystery heroes these days because at least it's better to lose because of stupid team comp because it's random than because it's intentional.

Gonna make a device that alerts me when someone walks into my cubicle while my headphones are on.

"There are no such things as girls toys and boys toys" i mean TECHNICALLY but the girls toys these days are like the boys toys but cuter

My taste in music is basically: None of my friends like anything I like.

How am I supposed to explain that real life sonic pic to my kids

Joker: Do you want to know how I got these scars?

me: I don’t see any

Joker: they’re emotional

me: oh

Joker: my father you see-

me: isn’t there a therapist you could be seeing for this?

Joker: I was but it got to where I couldn’t afford it. It’s that or eating, you see?

me: damn ain’t that some shit

Joker: why do you think I steal?

me: I guess the real joke was the American healthcare system all along

I played a good round of Zarya and is this was being a service top is like

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Heck yeah I've been exercising for months and I'm still alive.

(pwease don't hellthread these people. they are too precious for that)

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Gonna make a change to and see if anyone notices.

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