I don't think prioritizing growth as a goal in itself can lead to stable systems. It's like designing a car that can only accelerate.


Omfg no I don't want a fucking weed patch I just want a part for my vaporizer i'm not that big of a dork

For the love of fuck, document your libraries you monsters.

urgh a tutorial is nice but a tutorial isn't an API reference!

today's headache was one of the worst I've had in memory. ugh.

"It says the student has no enrollment record"

Ok, does the student have an enrollment record?

"Where would I find that?"

Under Enrollment.

"And what should it say?"

It should say whatever their enrollment actually is. I can't possibly know that better than you?

So like, I've switched from my favorite milk replacement (Silk's almond + coconut blend) to oat milk, mostly because almonds are a shitty crop but I wish most oat milks weren't so sweet. At least we're finally starting to see less/un sweetened versions.

Reading more Adachi and Shimamura and I am even more like Adachi is my sweet gay baby and what the fuck, Shimamura.

Now, there's plenty of that in manga for women. But light novels tend to dance around things, usually with the, "I'm just gay for you" sort of thing.

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Hm. I'm In Love With the Villainess is the only light novel I've read so far where the character is just straight up, "Yeah, I'm gay."

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