My hair is all done but it's new so it's kind of weird

How should I get my hair cut?

I ordered the stepper motors, drivers, and controller for my CNC build. I haven't finished the plans for the frame but I've settled on these.

GRS, Sex 

I mean, results may vary and there are always exceptions, but in general, trans women with neovaginas should be able to achieve orgasm with current techniques.

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GRS, Sex 

I feel like too much of the discourse around vaginoplasty is centered around, like, dysphoria well-being and not at all on the notion that sex with a neovagina can be very pleasurable or even better than before surgery.

there are too many rodent species who designed this

So like... look, I understand why the US isn't switching to metric any time soon but... whenever I'm doing any work in CAD or whatever I wouldn't even consider imperial units.

"There is nothing more rewarding to me than staying home and taking care of my children by which I mean podcasting while the nanny does it."

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"Women have been failed by liberal feminism and believe that they should go work careers instead of staying in the home." Okay yes, I agree, but... you can see why someone might NOT want to devote their lives to doing exhausting and undervalued physical labor.

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I often wonder if the people who push tradwife shit both on the left and right do any of the housework in their homes and if so, how many people besides them do they have to look after.

I want to send nice messages to mangaka whose work I like but I have to read scanlations because they're not licensed and also I'd feel goofy about sending something in english but my japanese is very bad.

Hm. I think I can just change the MiSTer case vents into, like, hexagon patterns or something and it should be much easier to print. I mean, I printed it fine but it's kind of a... it's hard to print those skinny little poles.

Okay are there any decent CAM packages for Windows that are free/open source? Oh and have been updated more recently than like half a decade ago.

This is why I'm leaving... just... I should be getting paid significantly more when I do that kind of thing.

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Work: Hey, we want to do this thing. Can it be done?
Me: The program doesn't support that. I could possibly code it myself but I can't promise that.
[five days later after no contact]
Work: Okay we already decided we're going to do it.
Me: ...

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