I think this is the first time I've been a mutual with someone who died.

We have a few people interested in taking up radtown's server... to be clear: I don't plan on shutting anything down until the end of the year, even if no one takes over.

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The answer is I had surgery then COVID happened and I haven't been able to get my hair fixed in a year.

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Me, stoned and looking at old pictures: holy shit I was hot what happened


I once hooked up with a dude who was at CalTech and he lectured me about transgender stuff.

There's no timeline on this, I'd say probably by the end of the year unless someone wants to take over.

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@_ Nah. I won't shut it down all of a sudden, but if nobody wants to take over, it'll probably let it slowly shut down.

I dunno when but I don't really have the energy to keep things going. Or if someone wants to take over, that could happen, too.

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I'm thinking I should start sunsetting radtown.

Looking forward to the day when we can finally send Elon Musk to Mars.

drugs :ffxiv: 

Me, slightly stoned: that minion is adorable i wonder what it is


oh that's an actual lalafel player

Mildly lewd selfie 

Hello I felt like putting on makeup

We need the return of ska (and don't tell me it never went anywhere, you know what I mean).

Also this is the perfect way to do a remake, for like, a lot of games.

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I feel awful BUT I got a few more park goals in THPS.

tfw one of the DPS apologizes for how bad the other DPS was and thanks you for your heals.

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