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Oh yeah, there's an issue tracker/proposal tracker for specific stuff. Though, you know, don't use it to request emojis, I can do that on my own.

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Can't wait for have GRS so I can finally go stealth and land a sneak attack on every round.


Analogue pocket is the sort of thing I don't want to buy but I would happily accept as a present.

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I asked for podcast recs on :birdsite: and got ratio'd into oblivion. Like, people popping out of nowhere to recommend their faves. I had noidea.

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What was one of the reasons given for the meteoric rise in drug prices?

Market conditions.

Thank you American white Jesus for giving our country - the greatest on earth - capitalism; the most efficient system in history which results in unaffordable prices for life saving drugs "just because."

I had a desire to read about Gamemaster Anthony's birthdays and the first thing DDG found was @jimpjorps Medium article about it which I need to share.

I'm gonna get canceled for not being able to fix elasticsearch

So @dewtroid sent me this channel of this dude silently cooking in the woods or whatever places. And it's like, 60 fps and 5k so it's super floaty and it's just... it's weird in a good way

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