Help again please?

We're back to skipping meals to keep my little girl fed.

This sucks and its embarrassing and demoralizing and I hate having to do these at all. We get to this point and I feel guilty and ashamed for having spent money to go to my doctor to get my meds refilled

I'm sorry for always being annoying as fuck and panhandling here but thank you for sharing this out to help$luxotek


Blugh. I hate that I feel just shitty enough that I don't want to do anything but not so shitty that I feel like I have an excuse not to do it.

I've been commissioned by @cambrian_era to draw this character. It was fun fun fun! So fun that I ended up turning it into the book cover :D

But reality is even better, it actually is on the book cover and you can read it here:

#commissionsopen #MastoArt #bookcover #CharacterDesign

Health - 

I'm pretty sure I've got another fucking kidney stone. At least this time I have some meds if I need them.

When I first set up the backup, it really didn't have much of an appreciable impact. Anyway we're going to change how that's done at some point anyway.

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Yeahhh... went ahead and moved that time to 3am pacific instead of midnight that coincides with the middle of the afternoon in the US.

Medical, Drugs 

Let's keep this energy going and I might actually be able to do shit this week. Last week I only got things done because I *had* to for work and then exploded and I was crying in frustration because I really didn't have the energy to deal with it.

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Medical, Drugs 

Today I actually feel good? Decent? For the first time in over a week? I might've been okay yesterday but it was hard to tell because I ate an edible and those knock me the fuck out of commission.

I might be weird in my reaction to THC, idk.

It's probably fine, though. I've been meaning to do a light theme, though.

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We'll bump to 3.2.0 tomorrow after I can test it on our fork.

Hm, ok, guess the weird slowdown is fixed now. yay.

Slur, Trans 

If you're going to use a slur against me, please make sure it is one that makes some sense.

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Slur, Trans 

Yes it's a slur, but a pet peeve of mine is that 'sh*male' bugs me because it doesn't make any sense.

Man, why are things so slow for me on radtown, we're not overloaded...

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