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i wanna be like "how come more of you don't post about my dick huh??" due to loving attention but in reality the list of who is allowed to post about my dick is small and exclusive (like my dick)

@Jewbacchus the list:

1) Mads
2) Probably some others, yet to be confirmed

can't believe I'm Officially™ licensed to post about Snakeboy's dick

@byttyrs oh i'm glad you did, mads. you're on form, i knew you were the right person for the job

when snakeboy thinks with his dick, it tells him to invest in real estate

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snakeboy's dick has a terabyte of storage and its own mp3 collection

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snakeboy's dick is changing its name from Reginald to Sebastian

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only one of these boys has personally granted me near-exclusive permission to shitpost about his dick

snakeboy's dick comes with corkscrew and bottle opener attachments, along with a ring of lockpicks

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I bet @snakeboy has quality dick and that's why he posts about it so much

hey, it's me, your good pal Mads "Legend" Viande

someplace with text search would whip ass but text search ALWAYS breaks so I'm not that stressed about it. just being able to export a modestly-sized archive to search would be fine

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anybody got a invite? or someplace else I can park a backup account that I don't already have tens of thousands of posts on?

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