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Please boost! Abuse mention. 

Please help my friend Juno escape her abusive household. Any little amount helps, with rent and travel and whatnot. Seriously, any amount can make a difference. Please share this around!

Apparently this is news to many in the West, but... China is not an ethnic monolith. Not nearly. Not even close. More like... the direct opposite of that.

@Manurweibling if I get one more 👋 not addressing anything in my profile or person taking every opportunity to take a conversation and kill it with a closed answer I'm gonna scream

talking to this this dude on Grindr about D&D classes and he was like "I don't get how [thing I'm talking about] is paladin, but I guess that's my bias from 25 years of playing"

and I said, "oh, yeah... 😔 I've only been playing for 20"

I’m a queer trans tarot reader that’s hit a tight spot financially.

Consider purchasing a single tarot draw through my ko-fi, and message me the best way to contact you for your reading (also accepting donations but please state that in your message, please and thank you!)

I don't really wanna have my backup on because my post archive is ENORMOUS

where the fuck do I park Yet Another new backup alt

is it socially acceptable to ask someone you don't know well what prompted the breakup of their marriage:

... on a date or on a dating app? in other contexts?

... while the marriage is still ongoing (they are separated or in the process of divorce)? when the marriage has concluded?

please select all situations in which you think asking why someone's marriage broke up *IS* appropriate

hi I'm Genuine Authentic Relatable Girl. my hobbies include effortlessness and holding my arms in unnatural, doll-like positions. would you like to learn more about, Brands

2020 is gonna be The Year When I Was Cold for Most of the Day for 366 Days Straight

I've been sitting alone indoors for 28 years, formulating the coolest opinions the world has ever seen

it's always , and I absolutely adore and (god knows I love to see a big boi scantily clad!),

but I think and are more than usual, somehow

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