huh, this actually isn't the first time I've written about interdependence and love and being identified through your bonds with other people using the metaphor of loaded dice/rigged coins

this poem hits pretty hard if you know my brother and harder if you... are my brother, lol, it was written to him as a gift

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update on that fic about the Falmer mechanic making Dwemer-tech wheelchairs: I uhhhhhh

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alcohol in image, gay appropriation of literal garbage 

found in the wild: a cute daddy4daddy couple

well sibs, some days you sit down thinking, "it's been a long time since I wore makeup and I wanna try for something light and natural," and then you assess the makeup you still own and realize that 'vampy' and 'costumesque' is more realistic

why are there so many BL protagonists who look exactly like this? the one on the left, the one who looks like a pervert. this man has multiple callout posts for sexual harassment circulating on cosplayer Tumblr

whose whole 'fit ended your whole bloodline?
[backup vocalists] "Baaaaad" Mads Viande

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who's coming for their necks with a fractured neckline?
[backup vocalists] "Baaaaad" Mads Viande

and my hair is cute (eye contact selfies)

(please reboost, I forgot to mark the medi sensitive)

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pulling this one out to stand on its own. I imagine the villagers nearby gossiping about the witch whose cupcake house on the mountain across the swamp sprung up overnight like a mushroom

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wow thanks YouTube Recommendations, did you happen to keep the receipt

I was trying to answer @yo's "describe yourself in two Pokémon characters" thing, but in the process I discovered Byron and was nobody going to tell me about this man??

I am a threat to the moral order and the heterosexual family

[possibly even more intense eye contact selfie in media]

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you would just hardly believe how handsome and sexy I am becoming

[INTENSE eye contact selfie in media]

Martyr's Thanksgiving

(first new poem in awhile, tell me what you think)

the power I have to pivot to adorable 90s femme with a jaw-length wavy bob DIRECTLY from combed-back tiny napebun fuccboi butch in a snapback is immense, and I intend to use it as irresponsibly as possible

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