the power I have to pivot to adorable 90s femme with a jaw-length wavy bob DIRECTLY from combed-back tiny napebun fuccboi butch in a snapback is immense, and I intend to use it as irresponsibly as possible

I may be an exclusive top but that don't mean a bitch can't have versatility honey 💅😍👔

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Mads Viande? just slapping "90s" onto an aesthetic descriptor as if that genuinely communicates useful information about what I mean? it's more likely than you'd think

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@byttyrs très coquette in the first one.
2nd one: I give you a cool sticker for underneath your skateboard.

@byttyrs this is the cocky look you give when stealing my girlfriend after saying "i got two backstage passes to the New Found Glory concert at Jones Beach"

tongue-in-cheek overserious, but not sarcastic 

@healyn thank you, Healyn. this deeply personal response means a lot

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