cleaning my room 🚫
packing like I'm moving out tomorrow and throwing or giving everything else away ☑

hwat does one do with about ten feet of books during a pandemic

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I'm throwing a party, the theme is digging a big hole and burying a to-be-determined quantity of weathered metal that I have at various times collected for witchcraft. I will be the only guest

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everyone tells me not to just set things I don't want on fire, but frankly if it's good for capitalism it's good for my old notebooks

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now that I'm thinking about moving house I'm really beginning to regret purchasing that cursed clown painting

I'm not kidding. there is a literal cursed clown painting in my possession. the curse is heterosexuality

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I just want everyone to know that I appreciate efforts to queer this painting, and that I myself have an extremely-incomplete gay romance novel draft inspired by this painting, but the painting is extremely heterosexual. I am slightly obsessed with this painting and it is exactly because it's nakedly gender propaganda. the visual language is intent on creating the strongest sexed difference between the figures that it possibly can. honestly I want @garfiald's opinion on this painting. they watch fillums, they can back me up here with insightful comments about gaze and scopopholia and the camera angle that conceals the rodeo clown's facial expression while emphasizing the pierrot's wide-eyed upwards stare

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[Rihanna voice] 🎶 and everybody's watching her*,
but she's* looking at
you-ou-ou-ou-ou** 🎵

* the pierrot clown
** the rodeo clown

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fun fact, some versions of this painting sell for a couple hundred bucks. not mine though! by my estimation, I bought this one for exactly the price I could probably sell it for on eBay ($25)

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@baerd you're not wrong and I do have a few thousand words written of a novel draft on roughly that concept

@baerd @byttyrs
Pierrot is a diminutive of Pierre so I'm agreeing with this point of view.

@texasred I took like, three different people to see this painting in the antique store. it was ironic. then I realized to my horror that I was going to buy it

@byttyrs it's good actually. It shows the inherent ridiculousness of performative heterosexuality thrust upon members of society.

Or something.

@byttyrs @garfiald I started to come up with a whole analysis around how it actually depicts two trans people who have found each other and are recognising the pain in each other’s eyes from being forced to perform the respective gender that society has imposed upon them, then I realised that this painting does not deserve this amount of my energy

@dreadpirateyarr @garfiald "A Helping Hand" (from The Original Emmett Kelly Circus Collection), by internationally-acclaimed Emmett Kelly Estate Artist Barry Leighton-Jones, just inspires that reaction in people

@byttyrs @garfiald seems to me like someone read a joker and harley quinn comic but decided to make it ~artsy~

@byttyrs I'm afraid my skills in the criticism of visual art are severely lacking. I hate this painting

@byttyrs i know that you're looking for garfiald's analysis, and nobody asked for mine but

i want you to know that i hate this

@Absolutely_Blakely hey Blakely! thank you for speaking up. I value your contribution of a tempering voice of reason in this conversation. knowledge thrives on a multiplicity of perspective

@byttyrs ah yes the infamous creation of heteros painting

@byttyrs Well I'll be. Mads, you never do fuck around, do ya

@MoMartin it is probably the worst thing I own, aside from the Manga Bible

gender stereotypes 

@byttyrs I am a GIRL so I must paint HEARTS on my CHEEKS with MAKEUP and be gently CARESSED by a RUGGED MAN, as his only proper outlet for EMOTIONAL INTIMACY

@byttyrs but maybe by framing this interaction as between two clowns, the painting is really subverting gender tropes by highlighting their inherent artificiality and constructedness. All gender is clowning around.

So I'm gonna have to cycle back to thinking this is pretty good art actually but IDK.

@byttyrs oof, it's soooooo very straight-male-fantasy of the kind people never mean when they say "straight male fantasy"

@byttyrs Cursed clown paintings are meant to be left behind as gifts for the people who move in after you.

@pizza_party what if I made a really conspicuous secret room setup and displayed it in there

@byttyrs You could put some trash around it, maybe the weathered metal and some salt or ashes

@byttyrs @pizza_party I wouldn't risk it tbh

What if you found that exact room and painting exactly the way you left them in your new house?

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