you know, like that song, but all the important words are wrong

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also I am not quote yet at the duckpond. very confusing post, 3/10

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this is what I sang down at the duckpond this 5 o' clock in the morning!

it's a three-part harmony cover of Two Headed Boy Part II by Neutral Milk Hotel. atting @dirt because she posted about it for and reminded me that I, too, listen to this song and cry

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I just slowed and reverbed my own lo-fi three-part a capella harmony cover of a Neutral Milk Hotel song originally sung out of doors at 5AM using TikTok as a multitrack recorder

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Daddy, Please ( of Pt. II by cover)

sung by me myself and I, , three-part

this is the third version of this track I'm posting today sibs!!!

pwease listen to my neutral milk hotel cover UWU
@selontheweb @hyperlink @dirt @gdkar @knownrobes @garfiald

(if you saw the version I put on TikTok, this one is different!!! gooder!!!)

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I kinda wanna show my dad this cover but I feel like it invites the question "why are you singing this song" and all of the answers to that question are depressing and some of them are actively hurtful even though they add up to the strongest sympathetic feeling I've had towards my dad in years 🤔

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I have to spread every piece of music where I sing and harmonize with myself as widely as possible, becuase if your only exposure to my music was things where I Didn't sing and harmonize with myself, you might gather the impression that I had heard Of music but didn't really Get It

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unbelievably self-absorbed take but you should hit the one-song repeat on this track of literally just my voice, it's really the only way to experience my artistic [dies of fart inhalation]

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@byttyrs version 1 made me smile version 2 made me laugh version 3 made me cry. just the way it is

@byttyrs looking forward to what repressed emotion and/or fresh horror Version 4 might bring

@byttyrs I really like the production, it softened the surreal edge on some of those harmonies. Great work!

@byttyrs it really feels like I'm being abducted by aliens in the best possible way

@Aleums 💛😊💛 the Otherworlders are here and you can finally breathe easy~

@Aleums I generally trust myself when I throw in a dissonant harmony these days but the one on the word "spark" was really a lot to be throwing at the listener, so I'm glad it works for you!!!

also all of the reverbs come in threes, panned in different ways, one pitched an octave up and one down, and the pitch-shifted reverb tracks have both delay and predelay. pitching up wet-only reverb doesn't sound that strange on the humming tracks, but for the singing it's, uh, it's a Weird sound. absolutely the choir of angels that shows up to abduct a cow, for sure

@byttyrs mads! if i've ever listened to nmh before i've immediately forgotten about it so this is a very lovely introduction

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