only one of these boys has personally granted me near-exclusive permission to shitpost about his dick

snakeboy's dick comes with corkscrew and bottle opener attachments, along with a ring of lockpicks

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snakeboy's dick is changing its name from Reginald to Sebastian

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snakeboy's dick has a terabyte of storage and its own mp3 collection

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when snakeboy thinks with his dick, it tells him to invest in real estate

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since @snakeboy is the last of the Boy Triumvirate to not see this thread I feel like I oughta at him

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@byttyrs i assume its the cheeseboy as i've never heard of him


@byttyrs "Bluetooth Low Energy" ( a bluetooth profile ) OR "Big [ something starting with an L ] Energy"

@byttyrs oh i'm glad you did, mads. you're on form, i knew you were the right person for the job

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