clitoris: fine
clit: fine
girlclit: ugh, fine
clitty: absolutely not. ilLEGal

I do not myself possess an organ of the kind called 'girlclit' but I am willing to allow others to use this unpleasant word for themselves. any of you caught having a "cl*tty" will be summarily executed without trial

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@byttyrs making a terminal program that can itself be controlled via its own command line. a CLI TTY

i'm sorry 

@byttyrs itty bitty clitty committee

genital shitpost 

@byttyrs (frowns and whispers towards crotch) don't you pay any attention to her, Clitty Clitty Bang Bang

genital shitpost, shitty celebrity 

@byttyrs it used to be Clit Eastwood but he's dead to me

genital shitpost, shitty celebrity 

@ox sdddfkgkkg

@ox he is the father of the McElroy brothers, he's in The Adventure Zone

@ox @byttyrs the Adventure Zone is everything from the navel down around to the top of the buttcrack

@byttyrs i'm a prison abolitionist and i want to throw you in jail just for typing this word out

@byttyrs ahhh remembering my olden days on irc in about 2000 and i would show up to the transmedicalist-adjacent channels with the handle ‘cliterati’, little a trolling, as a treat,

@byttyrs hm what is the purpose of “girlclit” other than to be transphobic

@em as far as I know it is nearly exclusively used by trans women or cis male cross-dressers for their own genitalia

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