what I mean by "gender abolition": it is the People's Year of 203. your name is Xalandra. you used to use a different name that nobody calls you. you use xe/xer pronouns. you're taking a low dose of exogenous testosterone after getting an orchiectomy, all of which was free and promptly available under informed consent. you prefer to wear leather harnesses and miniskirts over big boots, and you braid your beard. your 'type' in lovers is tall with big hips, lots of body hair, body mods, and makeup.

you have a friend, Jimmy-Sue, who is "genderfluid," a word that they explain rose in prominence in "gender nonbinary" spaces around the turn of the 21st Century of the Old Regimes. They're really into history and are part of a subculture of lifestyle historical re-enactment hobbyists. Jimmy-Sue knows more about "gender" than you do— they tell yoy prior to the People's Era, access to things like clothes, cosmetics, exogenous hormones, name changes and certain body mods were gated on 'gender'.

it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to relate all these different factors under one heading, but it does seem to be historical fact.

"that sounds like a bad time," you say.

"it was," Jimmy-Sue agrees. "your rights were curtailed based on which gender you were, whether you were the 'right' one, whether you loved the right genders for your gender."

your sociology classes kick in. "so gender was some kind of partnering clade thing? like, exogamy systems?"

"kind of? gender organized a lot of stuff. there was a popular dogma among the White Supremacist Empire cultures that everyone belonged to one of only two genders, based on the assumed correspondence of hundreds of biological and social factors like chromosomal arrangement, body shape and composition, hormone levels, pitch and style of speech, clothing style, body posture and mannerisms..."

"I guess those body things do interact, but... why did they try to boil that mess down to two?"

Jimmy-Sue shrugs. "racism?"

that explains it.

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damn, as first drafts for political scifi go, this isn't half bad. I think it needs a few things— maybe pushed some centuries further out from Revolution, definitely need to establish that there are ongoing/long-revived indigenous traditions of gender in this future setting but Jimmy-Sue is doing a creative reconstruction of a dead Imperial gender-system

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somebody did a thread necromancy and damn, this old thread slaps

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@byttyrs jimmy-sue and I would definitely hang out and it would be a good time

@byttyrs honestly, this is just making me think of Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota series

@byttyrs can i just say that this felt validating to read, and thank you

@byttyrs I almost use xe/xer pronouns, when are we doing this?

@byttyrs thinking of people reenacting gender in the way people now reenact colonial life or something like that is fascinating

@byttyrs you prefer to wear leather harnesses and miniskirts over big boots, and you braid your beard.

h-hell yeah 🤩 that's my jam

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