a take: everyone talks about the Mona Lisa's mysterious smile because otherwise they would confront the troubling realization that there is no very good reason for the Mona Lisa to be famous. also people call her the "most interesting woman in the world" when actually they're just misogynists


amateur art appreciator at the Louvre: wow... her smile... so mysterious... truly the most interesting woman in the world
me , projecting my voice from the back of the crowd: actually she looks kinda bored, dude. [elbowing my way closer] ma'am, is this guy bothering you


@byttyrs isn't it so famous because it's been heisted and they had to put it behind reinforced glass in its own place and that draws attention?

@dragon it's also so famous because Leonard was obsessed with it and wouldn't stop working on it even though it's kinda boring

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