you are all nerds and it is because you don't dance

why are the only people replying to me angrily the people who actually do dance and not the people on their high horse about how they only listen to music you can't dance to

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@byttyrs excuse you i dance at least monthly

@byttyrs this is patently false ( at least for the past couple weeks ) 💃💃💃💃😤

@byttyrs you can dance to anything! it just requires ✨~imagination~✨ and also a willingness to make a total fool of yerself!

@byttyrs i beg your pardon, you *can* dance to it by some definitions of dance

@byttyrs i don't even need to listen to music to dance! it's all in your head

@byttyrs anyway, i should boost this with my nerd account

@byttyrs full disclosure: i "go dancing", but i certainly do not dance

@garfiald see I'm gonna need an explanation of what you do instead. do you stand awkwardly bouncing and nodding at the edge of the dancefloor while holding a drink?

@byttyrs no. i go absolutely apeshit on the dancefloor. but describing it as dancing is a disservice to the people who do dance

@garfiald speaking as 'the people who do dance,' incorrect. you are exactly what the world needs more of

@byttyrs things i integrate into my dancefloor practice include:

- lunges
- flicks of the wrist
- screaming
- twirls
- punching the guy next to me
- laugh

@garfiald Grafiled, currently mid-ἐνθουσῐᾰσμός with Dionysus: [writhing ecstatically to the rhythm] I don't really 'dance' per se

@byttyrs also I don't find a lot of the music I listen to tremendously danceable

@a_breakin_glass THERE we go. try something with bass and a beat at a workable BPM

@a_breakin_glass if you find music to dance to and give a genuine effort to do whatever feels good to the beat, it will change your opinions about music and dance. it's not like you'll stop being able to listen to undanceable music but you will have a richer appreciation of music in general, perhaps especially aspects of music that you currently undervalue

@byttyrs I sometimes wiggle around in my chair a bit tho does that count as dancing?

@byttyrs We can dance if you want to. Like, perhaps you should leave your friends behind. Cause' your friends don't dance. And let’s just say that if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine.

@Louisa you have my sincere sympathy. nobody crueler than a coward on the dancefloor

@byttyrs thank you, I do slow dance if it's time for it

@pantransautie that's a start, try some of those moves to music that doesn't tell you which ones to do

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