@byttyrs @V This is way too on-the-nose for exurban Utah, tbh.

@yo @V thanks! 😇 I've been using the GIMP, or whatever they're going to call it when they pull their heads out of their asses, for fifteen years or something... I am Pretty Fuckin Good

@byttyrs @yo @V it got forked and is glimpse now and is getting more features it looks like

@wintgenstein @byttyrs @yo @V iirc GLIMPSE is just still for devs, but the 0.1 release, which is basically just the rebranding, should be out pretty soon and available for people who don't know what "compile a binary from source" means

@melissasage @byttyrs @yo @V thank you for saying that and not the dum dums release for ricos

@wintgenstein @byttyrs @yo @V listen just bc I like computer nerd shit doesn't make me smarter than you. I will die on this hill

@wintgenstein @byttyrs @yo @V i wonder how many devs could have been helping all these years but kept away cause of the name. gotta be some i imagine

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