Call For Submissions: Gay Ennui Periodical F/W 2019, a new grayscale zine to feature work by gay, bi, pan, queer, trans, nb, etc. creators* about gayness (and, y'know, the rest of that list), ennui, or both!

8.5x11" format, pagefold and margins leave four 4.25"x7" areas for pure text per sheet- or I can print images to the bleed! I accept layouts (in correct proportions) or I can do the formatting on plaintext/bare images. If you can give me your work in a form printable on one or two such pages, I am happy to accept your work in any media, until space/time/resources demand editorial discretion.

Contributor pay is $5, and possibly more if this is a wild success; paying contributors is my first priority upon sales, sorry, this project is super bootleg.

Submission deadline is November 15th, 2019, but there may be room for flexibility.

Email me questions or submissions at, or contact me elsewhere!

* I'm just trustin' y'all, I ain't the gay cops

Gay Ennui Periodical F/W 2019, As Mentioned on

Greyscale zine on halfsheets of US Letter paper, accepting submissions until November 15th, 2019 to! check upthread for details!

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four days till the submission deadline!

if you sent something I probably have gotten it, I just haven't started reviewing submissions yet. I'm happy to answer yr questions though!

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@byttyrs nice. I think I'll try to make something for this if I remember

@byttyrs mmmmmm yeah i think i /need/ to participate in this!


this is imo excitjng mads, i'm gonna try to put something together

@hyperlink 💛💛💛💛💛

I would LOVE a one or two page surreal text collage about A Boy Is An App or some other tight beautiful absurdities like you do

@hyperlink you also do visual stuff/design so don't limit yrself but you could fuckin glue scraps of yr posts to wrinkled, warped paper and scan it and I'd be thrilled

@byttyrs what kind of content are you looking for? I could write something maybe...

@Red if it's gay, it's got a sense of existential discontentment, or both, I am Down

@Red theme and format-correctness (fitting on 1 or 2 pages at the appropriate size for the media type, making sense in grayscale), and being Some Kinda Gay(, etc.), are my main criteria

i will think about my body a great deal then, perhaps, get in touch with you

@byttyrs this is such a cool idea!! i'll uhh think abt writing something for it but i definitely wanna get one when it's done either way

@byttyrs hmm i'll see if i have any words to bang together

@triz 💛💛💛💛💛 I loved yr short story about 20-minutes-into-the-future New Orleans so much!!!

Oh man i really wanna participate but what do i write....... hhh

Words are my preferred medium... if i submit something written would i have to send it in already formatted to the scale of the booklet?

@malkosh no, you could send it in plaintext and I'll do the formatting! just please do a mockup to make sure it's feasible to fit : )

@byttyrs I have a slam I've been cooking up that I want to top off and submit to this!!! please just prod at me to remind me a bit uwu

@Ophillous !!!! omg excited to hear abt this! whenabouts will you be home where yr draft is?

@byttyrs hmmm idk exactly what my plans for the night are, but I should be home in about 6 hours!

@byttyrs Hey! I think I'm interested, but I don't really understand what "contributor pay" is?

@zagraa hey yeah!! so I intend to pay all contributors who end up in the final product $5, to be paid out of the money taken for sales, and I'm paying y'all before taking any money for myself. does that make sense?

@byttyrs Can I submit some data visualisations? Yeah I'm weird 😅

@byttyrs :heart_parrot: :heart_parrot: :heart_parrot: Will see what I come up with. It might be hand-drawn, been meaning to do something narrative in that vein for awhile. 💚

@byttyrs mads making this !!!!!!

im sorry but can u dumb this down for me
what can i make and how do i make it

@skelltan it's just gotta print in black and white on one or two pages, which is to say, one side of one half of a sheet of U.S. letter paper (U.S. letter paper is 8.5"x11". your workable area is, like, 13 cm by 20 cm or something like that)

I want it to be gay/bi/trans/nb/whatever in content, or about "ennui" (restlessness, boredom, depression, discontentment)

you can send me some text that'll fit nicely in the space in an email. or you could put it together yourself in a word processor with diagrams or images formatted into it. or you can send me a photo of a drawing or a painting or a collage, or you can send me a photo. if you can draw on your compyter you can send me that. whatever floats yr goat!

@byttyrs the gender binary is not just alienating, it is also so goddamned dull

@byttyrs Quick question! Are the pages landscape or portrait?

@babbage they're portrait, it's gonna be printed on US letter paper with the short sides folded together, so the space given is after the margins are taken out of the half-sheet.

feel free to submit things that fit in the page sideways, tho, readers will just have to rotate it

@wintgenstein the top hand is holding an abstract flower labeled 'bara,' the Japanese for 'rose,' and the bottom hand is holding one labeled 'yuri,' Japanese for 'lily,' for the gay symbolism of those flowers in Japanese!

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